Discerning the work of planting

Discerning in community

A thorough and comprehensive process for the evaluation and assessment of potential church planters is essential to a diocesan strategy for planting healthy churches with healthy church planters. It would be presumptuous, to say the least, that any assessment could proclaim who God can and cannot use to plant a church. The assessment process, rather, is meant to facilitate the discernment of the church with regard to the readiness of a candidate in comparison to the skills, knowledge and fitness known to be needed for the task of planting.


The church planter assessment must be both relational, so the soul of the planter is cared for throughout the process regardless of outcome, and also data-driven to test competency and health. Assessment, therefore, should be done within the context of a Diocese or Network using the proper tools to facilitate the process.


To help with your personal discernment before you are connected with a Diocese or Network, we recommend that you complete the Lifeway Church Planter Online Assessment, an online assessment instrument which helps potential church planters and their diocese identify areas of strength and other areas that will need development. This will give you a better understanding of the character and competencies needed to plant as well as how you initially assess in these categories. Remember, assessment is a team sport, so we want to help you get connected with others who can advise and encourage you as you walk through this process.

Online Church Planter Assessment

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