Components of a Healthy Church Plant 

Components of a Healthy Church Plant 

by Dan Alger and Shawn McCain

We put together a set of questions that helps us walk with planters through major components of health in a church plant. It’s not exhaustive but it does seem to be a good start for major areas of health. We hope it helps planters think through the entirety of the church’s life and bring attention to some key areas.



  • Vibrant Worship
    • How will you maintain passionate liturgical worship?
    • Are you keeping the integrity of the Anglican tradition?
    • Is your music aesthetically beautiful, contextually appropriate and theologically rich?
    • Does your music encourage congregational singing?
  • Faithful Preaching
    • Are you preaching the Gospel in every sermon?
    • Is your preaching theologically sound?
    • Does your preaching serve to both build up the believer and invite the non-believer to repent and believe?
    • Are you preaching to those who are not yet there?
    • Do you demonstrate a hospitality to those who have no church background?
    • Does your preaching convict of sin, call for repentance, celebrate grace and center on the cross?
    • Does your preaching lead to the altar?
    • Is your preaching aware of its situation in the Gospel drama in the liturgy?
  • Liturgy and Sacraments
    • Are you worshipping in Word and Sacrament every week?
    • Do you provide liturgical catechesis?
    • Are children involved and incorporated into the worship life of the church?
    • Does the officiant/celebrant demonstrate proficiency and are they “present” to the ministry of the liturgy on the congregation?
    • Are the sacraments celebrated with reverence and hospitality to others?
  • Sacred Space
    • Have you found a meeting place that is culturally appropriate (i.e. no funeral homes) and visible?
    • Are you using the space to create a sense of welcome and worship?
  • Prayer
    • Do you have healthy prayer life?
    • Do you have an intercessory prayer team?



  • Healthy Leadership
    • Do you have a leadership coach?
    • What is the plan to keep the planter and his family healthy?
    • Is the planter setting proper boundaries in life and work (i.e. is he/she taking proper time to rest, exercise, play and pray)?”
    • Is the planter’s spouse well cared for and does he/she know who to contact in case of concern over the health of his/her spouse?
    • How is the Launch Team being cared for?
    • Is your communication with leaders clear and helpful?
    • Are you leading in such a way that cares for people before tasks?
  • Missional Leadership
    • Are your ministry decisions regularly made by considering what God is doing in the neighborhood?
    • Are you aware of the challenges and cultural issues in your context?
    • How do are you regularly listening to and engaging the neighborhood?
    • How porous/hospitable is your community life, small groups, leadership to the public?
    • How are you regularly demonstrating the Gospel for the sake of others?
  • Healthy Leadership Culture
    • Proper Expectations
      • Do both you and your Launch Team have proper expectations for growth?
    • Reliance Upon the Gospel
      • Are you and your church acting in dependence upon the sovereign move of God?
      • Are you begging for the Spirit to work powerfully in you and through you?
      • Are you soaking the work in prayer?
      • Are you keeping your identity rooted in the love and grace of Christ rather than in the work that you are doing for him?
      • Are you leading with transparency before your people?
      • Are you intentionally pursuing accountability yourself and encouraging intentional accountability amongst your leaders?
      • Are you practicing church discipline as needed, or are you prepared to do so?
  • Leaders and Teams
    • Do you regularly see a task and identify or develop a team?
    • Do you see service opportunities as discipleship and ministry?
    • Do you empower others and give room for others to lead?
    • Is there an articulated process for building a team?
    • Are expectations and responsibilities communicated clearly to those serving and those leading?
    • Do your leaders have the resources they need to be successful in their ministry and life?
    • How often do you provide leadership training for your leaders and staff?
  • Clarity of Vision
    • Are you clearly articulating the definition of church that you are working under?
    • Are you sharing and finding agreement upon a preferred future (i.e what will this look like if it actually works?)
    • Are you grounding your local work in the story of redemptive history and the missio Dei?
    • Do you regularly revisit the goals of your team and staff?
    • Are your goals broken down into achievable, measurable, and reasonable steps?
  • Strategic Leadership Development
    • How are you identifying, building up and deploying leaders?
    • Do you have a plan and budget for leadership development?
    • Do you regularly coach and train your leaders?


  • Discipleship Plan
    • What is the process by which you will be making disciples?
    • How will you catechize your people?
    • How will you celebrate milestones in catechesis and formation?
    • Are you catechizing children?
    • Are you providing a safe, clean environment in which your children can play, learn and worship?
    • Are you raising up lay catechesists?
    • How is catechesis connected with service and worship in the church?
    • Are people regularly invited to reflect on experiences and grow in maturity in preaching, service teams, small groups, and at home?
    • Are you inviting people to deeper financial stewardship?


  • Effective Systems
    • Are your systems and infrastructure growing accordingly with the growth of the church?
    • Have you identified the key systems you will need (e.g. administration, assimilation, outreach, music, children’s ministry, financial, pastoral care, etc.) and are you developing them?
    • Do you have key leaders responsible for overseeing these systems?
    • How are you regularly checking in on the health of these systems?
    • When things break, how are you capturing the learning and reworking systems?
    • Do your systems support the vision of the church and the priorities of the ministries?
    • How are you regularly communicating with the congregation?
    • Are you being diligent to create a safe environment through sexual misconduct avoidance training in accordance with the policies of your insurance and diocese?”

Ministry and Outreach

  • Intentional Outreach
    • How are you mobilizing missionaries?
    • How are you reaching out into your community?
    • How are you equipping your people to be evangelists in their contexts?
    • How are you helping people understand their Christian vocation?
    • What tools and training are others given to reach the neighborhood?
    • Are you regularly inviting and challenging your church to live for the sake of others?

Financial Resources

  • Is the church provided for financially?
  • How well does the church give and tithe?
  • How well are you communicating the vision that the budget supports?
  • Are you preaching and teaching on stewardship with appropriate frequency?
  • Does your church have multiple financial partners?
  • How are you fundraising for your church?
  • Do you have major financial partners?
  • Have you created the proper mechanism to ease giving at your church (i.e. online giving, etc.)?
  • Do you have proper accountability in the financial policies and procedures at your church (i.e. dual check signers, dual control of offering monies, etc.)?
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