Episode 4: Sacraments and Liturgy

Episode 4: Sacraments and Liturgy

The Robert E. Webber Center, in affiliation with Trinity School for Ministry, focuses on the wisdom and recovery of ancient Christian tradition for the purpose of resourcing the church for the formation of individual disciples and corporate communities of faith.

Joel Scandrett

The Rev. Dr. Joel Scandrett

The Rev. Dr. Joel Scandrett, Director of the Webber Center and Assistant Professor of Historical Theology at Trinity, joined us to discuss the Sacraments and Liturgy.

Referencing a talk from Jeremy Bebgie on sentimentality, Joel noted that many modern day worshippers are as focused on their own feelings as they are on the Lord. In fact, oftentimes, Anglicanism seems to initially appeal to newcomers because of the aesthetic. However, that misses the point. The form of our worship is not the end, but rather a channel towards an encounter with the living Christ. And while we discussed the both/and aspect of “going through the motions,” Joel emphasized that, “the motions are necessary, but not sufficient.”

So, what does this mean for church planters? As we talked about both the practical and theological implications, Joel recommended a book by James Smith, You Are What You Love: The Spiritual Power of Habit, emphasizing that it’s not just about knowing your doctrine, but also about the moral choices you make and the way you spend your time.

The Always Forward Podcast, hosted by Canon Dan Alger, Canon for Church Planting for the Anglican Church in North America, and Father Shawn McCain, serial church planter and leader of the I-35 Initiative, aims to catalyze conversations about missiology and sacramentology and how they come together within our Anglican context.

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