Episode 8: Sacramental Church Planting, Part I

Episode 8: Sacramental Church Planting, Part I

In the first of a two-part podcast, Dan and Shawn expand upon an article on Sacramental Church Planting previously published to our website. It seems that there used to be a bifurcation in thinking where, as a church, you could either be “sacramental liturgical” OR “missional evangelical”. Dan believes that this is changing. In fact, he goes so far as to say that “a true understanding of the sacraments leads you to be more missional!”

With that in mind, Dan and Shawn address the fact that the sacraments are not an add-on, a veneer, or part of some trend. They are not a means to an end. Rather, they are key elements to what God is doing here on earth as He reconciles all things to Himself. Believing and embracing such an understanding of the sacraments changes how you approach them.

Previously, Dan and Shawn spoke with Fr. Jonathan Warren at length regarding the Church Fathers. Now, looking at the history of the Church with regard to the sacraments, Dan and Shawn point out that there is a beautiful and robust voice of the Church saying that the sacraments are the means of grace given to us by God.

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Additional notes:

Dan mentioned two best-selling books that he’s read that provide insight into today’s increasingly challenging cultural and racial divides

Finally, Always Forward will offer a track specific for church planters during this year’s Provincial Assembly, held  June 27-30 (yes, starting one day early!) at Wheaton College. Mark your calendars and stay tuned for details!

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