Episode 9: Sacramental Church Planting, Part II

Episode 9: Sacramental Church Planting, Part II

Dan and Shawn continue their conversation about Sacramental Church Planting, augmenting the previous article written by Dan. Beginning their conversation, they remind us of the definition of a sacrament from the 1662 Catechism of the Anglican Church:

“…an outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace.”

They speak of church planting, then, as being sacramental in that the tangible aspects of it should point to something that is spiritual and experiential. They are clear, however, to note that they are not talking about clericalism, saying that you must be overly dependent on a priest. Rather, it is about bringing a community that has received the grace of Christ together to worship, be built up, and be sent out to take the Gospel into the world.  As such, the focus is not solely on the person who celebrates the sacrament, but rather the community that shares in it and grows because of it.

For additional resources on the topic, Dan and Shawn recommend the following:

The Power of Sacramental Church Planting with Gary Ball

Sacramental Imagination for Church Planting by Shawn McCain

Christ the Sacrament of the Encounter with God by Edward Schillebeeckx


Don’t miss the second half of the conversation:

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