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We know that in-person coaching and mentoring is critical for church planters and for the work of our church planting. As we continue to plant churches across North America, we recognize the growing need to provide ongoing and personal support for church planters, who face tremendous challenges both in ministry and in their personal lives as they balance the demands of ministry with their family needs.


In addition, we recommend the Titus and CMA coaching services. Click on the links to visit their websites.



We want to be a resource to help the local diocese train and form church planters. From our articles, videos, and discussions on our blog, to our conferences and events throughout the province, we want to help form the next generation of leaders in this movement.


A thorough and comprehensive process for the evaluation and assessment of potential church planters is essential to a diocesan strategy for planting healthy churches with healthy church planters. It would be presumptuous, to say the least, that any assessment could proclaim who God can and cannot use to plant a church. The assessment process, rather, is meant to facilitate the discernment of the church with regard to the readiness of a candidate in comparison to the skills, knowledge and fitness known to be needed for the task of planting.