Hispanic Church Planting

¡Caminemos Juntos!

“¡Caminemos Juntos! tiene como proposito iniciar un movimiento de nuevas iglesias Hispanas Anglicanas y de unificar a lideres y iglesias actuales en Norte America. Para mas informacion vease: www.caminemos-juntos.com

¡Caminemos Juntos! means “Let us walk together ” and it is our passion to see Anglican1000 take hold in the Hispanic Church-planting community. This initiative focuses on the opportunity and challenges of reaching the Hispanic population with the Gospel through the Anglican Church. Special focus will be made on the challenges including first and second and even third generation issues, the influence of the Roman Catholic Church, syncretism, immigration issues, and cultural definitions of family and church.

Find out more including information about the annual gathering at www.caminemos-juntos.com.