Resources for the leaders of regional church planting efforts

4 C's and 7 Systems Overview

A healthy church planting network has four primary components for the support of church planting. We’ve also provided a downloadable version of this.



the uncompromisable certainty that church planting is a biblical mandate for the diocese



the unwritten values, assumptions, expectations, tolerances and practices that create an environment for the flourishing of church planting



the systems and structures needed for the support of church planting

  • Leadership Pipeline: a clearly defined path for the raising up of new church planting leaders
  • Assessment: a process to discern the presence of the proper gifts and graces within a potential church planting
  • Training: a process for equipping planters with the needed skills and knowledge
  • Coaching: a system by which a planter meets regularly with a coach for wisdom and direction
  • Ongoing Support: an intentional focus on caring for planters relationally, emotionally, physically and spiritually in their work
  • Funding: a strategy to assist the planter in obtaining the funds needed for church planting
  • Strategic Oversight: the people and teams specifically tasked with overseeing and advancing church planting



working together ecumenically and within our province for the work of church planting

Diocesan Assessment

A guide to a group interview aimed at assessing the health of the diocese as a church planting organization.

Diocesan Systems Inspection

The diocesan leader questionnaire that gives a quick impression of the shape and health according to the 4 C’s and the 7 systems.

Media Packet

A collection of media resources, information and contact details that we hope will make your life a little easier as we get the word out about this effort.

Church Planter Assessment Manual

A thorough and comprehensive process for the evaluation and assessment of potential church planters.

Always Forward Overview Slides

All of the presentation slides from the leadership gathering.