Always Forward at Assembly 2017

Church Planting in the Anglican Tradition

The Always Forward Sub Conference

Join us as leaders from across the Province speak on planting Gospel-centered, sacramental, missional churches.


The Always Forward sub conference begins on Tuesday afternoon with training and conversation designed for church planters and church planting leaders. It will be a highly interactive environment in which experienced planters will be presenting and facilitating discussion on various topics within church planting.


Our goal is to contextualize this time to meet the needs of those who are enrolled, so no matter what season of church planting you are in, you will be equipped and encouraged during this time. It will be a wonderful opportunity to build relationship and gain wisdom from other planters.


The sub conference continues on Wednesday and Thursday as speakers and panel discussions explore each of the following topics:

  • Gospel-centered Church Planting: The Rev. Canon Billy Waters & The Rev. Alistair Sterne
  • Sacramental Church Planting: The Rev. Shawn McCain & The Rev. Justin Howard
  • Missional Church Planting: Dr. Ed Stetzer, speaking on Gospel Multiplication and the Methods of Roland Allen
  • Anglican Ecclesiology in Church Planting: Answering the question: How does an Anglican Ecclesiology inform our work of church planting?


Whether you are discerning a call to church planting, new to the church planting discussion, a seasoned church leader, or anywhere in between, we hope you will join us for this exciting time together at Assembly.

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