The Importance of Hispanic Ministry: 6 Reasons To Come to Caminemos Juntos!

The Importance of Hispanic Ministry: 6 Reasons To Come to Caminemos Juntos!

This last year, Rodrigo, a 20 year old young Hispanic man began attending my church after more than 10 years of not going to church. Though he knows Spanish he doesn’t read or write it very well and prefers to speak in English. Last December I was explaining to him the meaning of Christmas and he exclaimed with complete earnestness “you mean Christmas really isn’t about Santa?” He really didn’t know. There are many reasons people give for not engaging in Hispanic ministry: “But I don’t speak Spanish!” or “But there aren’t Hispanics in my community” or “They are all Roman Catholic anyways.”

As Rodrigo’s example shows, each of these excuses are becoming less and less relevant as more than half of current Hispanics in the U.S. prefer English , are increasingly becoming secularized within the younger generations and as they move towards being a third of the population of the U.S. by 2050 .

The Hispanic church planting initiative of Anglican 1000, Caminemos Juntos! (Let’s Walk Together) is gathering this summer for its third national conference in El Paso, Texas August 2-3.

Here are six reasons why you should come and why this initiative is key to the future of the ACNA:


1. This conference will help equip you to reach the fastest growing demographic in the US. Asalready mentioned, by 2050, 1 in 3 Americans will be Hispanic. This is no longer a ministry for “those specialists” over there. It is for all of us.

2. Meet and hear from global Anglican Latino leaders including Archbishop Zavala from Chile. The Anglican church is growing all over the world including in Latin America. Mission among Hispanics continues to be a glocal (global and local) reality where mission “here” and “there” (whether Mexico, Central or South America) are and should be closely intertwined.

3. Visit the largest bi-national border metropolitan area in the world: El Paso and Ciudad Juarez. Our conference hosts are Rey de Paz and Church of St. Clement’s who have extensive experience and ministry on both sides of the border. A pre-conference event includes a day trip to Juarez to learn about ministry initiatives there.

4. Experience a unique neighborhood and community development ministry: Ciudad Nueva. Ciudad Nueva reaches over 100 students through word and deed neighborhood-based ministry. Come learn from and then apply this model to whatever urban and neighborhood context you are in.

5. Participate in bi-cultural worship and a fully bilingual gathering accessible to both English and Spanish speaking leaders. Don’t speak Spanish? No problem. ¿No habla Ingles? No hay problema. This conference is for you.

6. Join the movement of the rapidly multiplying 50+ Hispanic congregations in the Anglican Church in North America. There are currently 50 Hispanic congregations and many more on the way. For a full listing of these congregations see: and for more conference details see:

See you in El Paso!

Padre Jonathan Kindberg is the co-facilitator with P. Gabe Garcia of Caminemos Juntos! initiative of Greenhouse and Anglican1000.

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