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Serving the Anglican Church in North America

The Always Forward Institute exists to provide practical assistance to church planters, dioceses, and local churches in the ACNA, through assessment, training, coaching, and consulting work.

How Can We Serve You?

Our resources are designed to serve three specific groups.

1. Church Planting Overseers

Church planting overseers include Bishops, Canons for Church Planting, and Church Planting Network Leaders. These individuals may not be directly planting themselves, but they provide the guidance and systems for the churches and individuals who are. To aid these leaders, we provide Strategic Planning and Consulting services and training and equipping opportunities.

2. Churches that Want to Plant Churches

We provide churches that want to plant churches with both off-and-on-site opportunities for growth. Our off-site training intensives are two-to-four-day training and provide practical help in setting a Biblical and sacramental foundation for multiplying churches. Our on-site workshops are shorter in length but offer an option for a wider congregational involvement with a similar focus.

3. Local Church Planters

We firmly believe that good assessments are necessary for the wise stewardship of leaders. If you have not done so yet as you discern your call, assessments are crucial to the initial process. If you and your church leaders have affirmed the Lord’s call on your life to be a church planter, then we encourage you to engage in one of the aforementioned Training Intensives. Our one-on-one coaching programs are also designed to help expand your thinking, planning, creativity, and problem-solving skills. Finally, we provide support for planters and their growing teams involved in the work of starting a church.


We work with our Dioceses to help assess potential church planters. We believe that assessment is about finding the right person for the right place, at the right time. We use trained assessors, data-driven profiles, and relational conversations to determine the fit and readiness of men and women discerning a call to church planting. Your first step in assessment is contacting your Diocese. Download the assessment brochure here.


We offer Church Planter Training Intensive (CPTI) events multiple times a year through the AF Institute. These events provide a framework for organizing the work of church planting, teach a biblical/theological/missional/Anglican foundation for planting, and increase the skills needed for the pursuit of planting. Check the events page for the next CPTI.


The AF Institute offers coaching for planters engaged in planting Word and Sacrament churches. Our coaches’ team is specifically trained to provide support, accountability, and wisdom to support local church planters. We do not believe any planter should be without a coach. Contact us for more information on coaching.


Our experienced leaders will assist in short-term advisory roles in areas of mother-daughter planting, conflict resolution, strategic planning, and many other situations. If we can be of help, let us know.


We would be more than happy to speak at your event. Please fill out the form below and we will be in touch.