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Serving the Anglican Church in North America

Get equipped for the task—wherever you're planting a church.

Church Plant Training Intensive: International

"Planting a church is hard. Planting a sacramental, liturgical, historical, missional church is harder. Attempting either without proper training is unwise at best and, in actuality, quite dangerous." - The Rev. Canon Dr. Dan Alger

What is the CPTI?


The CPTI is a four-day, in-person training that consists of teaching with our instructors and discussion with your peers.

You'll receive tools and frameworks to help you plant in a way that's both fruitful in your context, faithful to Jesus, and that follows an Anglican perspective.

You’ll also work through pre-course and post-course material to help you prepare for the training and implement what you learn.

We are now training church planters internationally

In the Spring of 2024 we are looking to host a CPTI in Europe. We also have converted our course materials to be accessible entirely online for virtual trainings.

If you are located outside of North America and would like to attend a training either in-person or virtually, fill out the form below. We’d love to know about you so we can create the most convenient opportunity possible.