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Serving the Anglican Church in North America

A framework for healthy church planting efforts.

The 4 C’s & 7 Systems Overview

Always Forward seeks to help dioceses pursue the work of church planting through their organizations and assist local planters in starting churches in their specific areas.  We have found that the best place to start in either case is by defining the task. Our 4 C’s & 7 Systems Framework helps to do that.

The 4 C’s



The uncompromisable certainty that church planting is a biblical mandate for the church.


The unwritten values, assumptions, expectations, tolerances, and practices create an environment for the flourishing of church planting.


The systems and structures needed for the support of church planting. The diocese and the local church need a unique set of constructs for their work.


Working together locally, ecumenically, and within our province for the work of church planting.

Our approach to church planting is structured around this framework.  We have found that it provides necessary direction that can then be contextualized for a particular locality.


The 7 Systems


7 Diocesan

  • Leadership Pipeline
  • Assessment
  • Training
  • Coaching
  • Ongoing Support
  • Funding
  • Strategic Oversight

7 Local

  • Vision and Strategy
  • Administrative
  • Connecting
  • Team Leadership
  • Discipleship
  • Worship
  • Care