Always Forward 2016

AUG 25-27

Always Forward 2016

Denver, CO

Aug 25-27

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Our goal for this conference is to gather our Province together around the work of church planting. Our intention is for this to be a very practical gathering with less talking-heads and more specific training. In order to make church planting accessible to many different leaders, make our training as specific as possible and allow us to go deeper in our time together, we will offer four different tracks aimed at equipping leaders for church planting from many different perspectives.


Track 1: Current Church Planters


This track is designed for the equipping and encouraging of planters who are already in the field, or are about to step into this work. Content in this track will deal with the practical work of starting a new church. Topics will include how to get started, assessing a community, networking, church systems, making disciples, liturgy/sacraments in church planting, planting with an Anglican ethos and more.



Track 2: Potential Church Planters


Track 2 is designed for people who are discerning a call to church planting. We will teach on the core character and competencies that will be needed for church planting, outline the overall planting process and other topics that will help give the potential planter a better understanding of the craft of church planting and what would be required of them.


Track 3: Churches That Want To Plant Churches


In order to help local churches that want to learn how to multiply and plant more congregations, this track will outline possible models, processes and best practices for church planting churches. This track will be great for rectors and local vestries/leadership teams to help them develop a church planting strategy for their church.


Track 4: Church Planting Leaders


This track will help Bishops, Canons, Deans, network leaders, diocesan leadership and other leaders develop the proper convictions, culture, constructs and collaboration that is needed to create an environment for church planting to flourish in their networks and dioceses. The content of this track is meant for leaders who give oversight to larger groups that wish to equip planters on the local level.


Registration open now.

Wellspring Anglican Church

4300 S. Lincoln Street

Englewood, CO 80013