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Get equipped for the task God is calling you to

At the Church Plant Training Intensive

"Planting a church is hard. Planting a sacramental, liturgical, historical, missional church is harder. Attempting either without proper training is unwise at best and, in actuality, quite dangerous." - The Rev. Canon Dr. Dan Alger

We couldn’t agree more. Raising funds, gathering a launch team, understanding church governance...the list goes on. So we understand if you feel a bit intimidated by the task.

What is the CPTI?


The CPTI is a four-day, in-person training that consists of teaching with our instructors and discussion with your peers.

You'll receive tools and frameworks to help you plant in a way that's both fruitful in your context, faithful to Jesus, and that follows an Anglican perspective.

You’ll also work through pre-course and post-course material to help you prepare for the training and implement what you learn.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How much does it cost?

$700. A church planter's spouse may attend for free. Additional team member(s) may attend with you for $450.

You also can elect to receive follow-up cohort coaching for an additional $500.

I'm a church planter on a tight budget. Is this worth that much?

We understand money can be tight. But if taken in context, we consider this to be an enormous value—church plant intensives can cost 3-4x as much elsewhere.

We’re also convinced that this course is an absolute must for anyone planting from a sacramental perspective. The average seminary degree in the U.S. costs nearly $20,000, and you can’t find this kind of content in the vast majority of programs.

I’m interested. How can I come up with the money?

We encourage most folks to fundraise what they need to attend the CPTI. Pass this webpage along to some donors who’d have a heart to see you fully trained up for the task.

Who should I talk to if I have more questions?

Your Canon for Church Planting should be able to answer any further questions you may have. But if not, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at