Serving the Anglican Church in North America

Church Planter Training Intensive (Greensboro, NC)

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January 30, 2023 to February 2, 2023

All Day

Location: 5572 Garden Village Way, Greensboro, NC 27410

Category: CPTI | Coordinator: Abbi Wensyel

Planting a church is no small task

Whether you're discerning a call or already beginning to plant, we're thrilled by your interest in starting a church that's gospel-centered, sacramental and missional.

We also understand if you feel a bit intimidated by the task—raising funds, gathering a launch team, understanding church governance...the list goes on.


Come get equipped

At the Church Planter Training Intensive (CPTI), come get equipped through teaching with our instructors and discussion with your peers.

You'll receive tools and frameworks to help you plant in a way that's both fruitful in your context, faithful to Jesus, and that follows an Anglican perspective. 


Here are the details:

When is the training?

January 30th - February 2nd. Training starts at 2pm EST on Monday and ends at noon EST on Thursday.

Where is the training?

Church of the Redeemer in Greensboro, NC

How much is the training?

$700. A church planter's spouse may attend for free. And a team member may attend with you for $450.

You also can elect to receive follow-up coaching for an additional $500. 

Where do I sign up?

Right HERE!