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Serving the Anglican Church in North America

Allow us to introduce ourselves.

We’re Always Forward—the church planting initiative of the ACNA. Our mission is to help every province become a church planting movement. 

Specifically, we aim to help you plant churches that are

  • Gospel-centered
  • Sacramental
  • Missional

How can we help you?

We resource church leaders and church planters in a variety of ways:

  1. Our podcast
  2. Dan Alger’s book
  3. Training intensives
  4. Assessments
  5. Our conference

1. The Always Forward Podcast

We release biweekly episodes on all things sacramental, missional, and church planting.

2. Word & Sacrament: Ancient Traditions for Modern Church Planting

Dan Alger’s new book explores how the rich traditions of liturgical worship are a gift to the work of starting new churches. It releases on May 1st.


3. The Church Plant Training Intensive

The CPTI is a four-day, in-person training that consists of teaching with our instructors and discussion with your peers. You'll receive tools and frameworks to help you plant in a way that's both fruitful in your context, faithful to Jesus, and that follows an Anglican perspective.


4. Assessments

One of the most overlooked aspects of preparing to plant a church is assessment. In this process, our assessors help a church planter deeply explore his or her fit for this particular work and affirm or clarify their particular calling.


5. The Always Forward Conference

Get fresh wind in your sails and deepened vision for your work when you attend the Always Forward Conference September 27th-29th. A streaming option is available for our long-distance friends who can’t make it in person.