Serving the Anglican Church in North America

Always Forward 2023 Year End Partnership

At Always Forward, our heart beats for gospel-centered, sacramental, and missional Anglican churches—and our passion is for the people behind this sacred work. 

Drew Haltom, currently in the early stages of planting Incarnation Memphis, participated in our Church Planting Training Intensive (CPTI). “Always Forward unquestionably charted the course for our church planting endeavor” says Drew, “They not only provided us with a sense of community and camaraderie in this often solitary work but also paved the way for us to labor toward the establishment of a healthy, sustainable, Christ-honoring church.” 

We walk alongside planters in all the stages of church planting, from preparation to launching the church, and through the work of nurturing a thriving congregation. Kirstin Magnuson with Church of the Incarnation in Neenah, WI, has received coaching from our team. “Like a seasoned tour guide who has traversed similar terrain,” Kirstin told us, “the coaching provided by our Always Forward mentor has prayerfully guided us from a season of uncertainty to a place of unwavering clarity. Our coach, drawing wisdom and insight from their personal journey as a church planter, has been an invaluable companion over the past two years.”

Stories like Drew’s and Kirstin’s give us hope that our work is not in vain: every diocese in our Province can steadily become a church-planting movement. This is why our team is at work to make our vision a reality—diocese by diocese, planter by planter, as the gospel is proclaimed afresh across North America and churches are born.

Over the past year, we’ve seized numerous opportunities to empower dioceses and church planters for the essential work of church planting. We hosted three CPTIs, equipping sixty-five dedicated church planters to carry out their vital missions across various regions. Just recently, our annual Always Forward Conference brought over one hundred diocesan church planting leaders and their church planters together for mutual encouragement and renewal.

Exciting new possibilities are on the horizon. We’ve secured a grant to develop all our training programs into online courses, enabling us to reach and equip a broader audience. Furthermore, our partnership with the Every Tribe and Language Initiative allows us to extend our CPTI to Spanish-speaking planters within our Province. This step breaks language barriers, expanding the reach of the gospel into more communities across North America. Additionally, we have the opportunity to identify, equip, and commission more leaders for the harvest by growing our church planting residency programs throughout the Province. As we nurture these emerging leaders, we ensure the ongoing growth and vitality of gospel-centered communities, which contributes to the future success of the ACNA.

Our vision becomes a reality through your support.

We want to invite you to participate in our work. You can help Always Forward in three impactful ways:

  • Give to our work Everything we do depends entirely on the generosity of donors such as yourself. We need to raise $60,000 to fund our operations and initiatives like our CPTI, podcast, and conference. Consider making a one-time donation or starting a recurring gift. Your financial support directly contributes to the proclamation of the gospel to the lost through church planting. Your donation helps us work alongside your diocese so that it can become a church-planting movement. You can learn more about how to give through our website.
  • Join our prayer teamBecome part of our prayer team and receive weekly emails featuring updates on ACNA church plants. Your prayers are a vital source of strength for our mission and the driving force behind our movement. Join us in praying for the Lord to raise more workers for the harvest. 
  • Read Word & SacramentThis invaluable resource is the sole published work on Anglican church planting. It would be truly remarkable if more people in our Province could gain a greater understanding about multiplying churches through this resource.

We are not merely an office for church planting—we are catalysts for this vital work.

We cannot fulfill our mission without your partnership in the gospel. Your partnership is essential to our mission to see every diocese become a church-planting movement.

With heartfelt gratitude,

The Rev Canon Dr Dan Alger, Canon for Church Planting